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Welcome Osagie Imasogie as UPA Strategic Life Sciences & Healthcare Advisor

We are thrilled to introduce Osagie Imasogie as the newest member of our UPA team. Boasting an extensive career that spans over three decades across law, finance, business management, healthcare, and the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Imasogie is a true visionary.

Among his many achievements, Mr. Imasogie led GSK Ventures in concluding over 30 worldwide transactions. These transactions involved strategically investing various GSK R&D non-progressed assets into various companies and served as the foundation for starting new enterprises.

Additionally, Mr. Imasogie has co-founded and held significant leadership roles as President, CEO, and Chairman at Ception Therapeutics, Inc., and Trigenesis Therapeutics Inc. His commitment to innovation further led to the establishment of Iroko Pharmaceuticals, iCeutica, Inc., and iLera Healthcare, where he was the Chairman of the Board.

In his role as our Strategic Life Science Advisor, Osagie Imasogie's wealth of expertise and guidance will play a pivotal role in driving UPA toward pioneering advancements in the fields of healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

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