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The Top 15 Life Sciences Cluster Markets

Markets across the country continue to develop into more innovative communities. Just as tech expanded out of the Bay Area over the last 10 years to become a ubiquitous industry across markets, the life sciences industry is starting to grow in new markets outside of the Bay Area and Boston.

1. Boston

Home to the most life sciences companies, the largest industry employment, the greatest existing lab footprint and foundational biomedical research

2. San Francisco Bay Area

Receives the most venture capital funding and has the best track record with translational efficiency

3. San Diego

Home to the most life sciences companies, the largest industry employment, the greatest existing lab footprint and foundational biomedical research

4. Greater DC & Baltimore

NIH funding in Greater DC & Baltimore has always been strong, and venture capital has sharply accelerated in recent years

5. Philadelphia

Home to a deep and growing pool of talent coming from the region’s strong universities

6. Raleigh-Durham

Delivered a fair amount of lab development over the past two years and is one of the preeminent biomanufacturing hubs in North America

7. New Jersey

Strong momentum in venture capital funding in one of the country’s oldest pharma hubs

8. New York City

Due to the size of metro area, cumulative venture capital funding over the past few years is quite high; likewise for their large pool of biological scientists

9. Seattle

Biopharma industry growth quite fast in past few years

10. Salt Lake City

Strong momentum in R&D investment by universities in life and physical sciences fields, and considerable growth in life sciences job openings

11. Pittsburgh

Considerable amount of momentum in core talent growth in a region home to many impressive universities

12. Minneapolis–St.Paul

Strong growth in core biotech talent in a highly educated market

13. Houston

Strong growth numbers in talent, as well as an impressive base of research institutions and medical centers

14. Chicago

Talent growth impressive for a market of its size

15. Denver-Boulder

Strong momentum in core biotech talent and company formation in the past few years

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